Student Services

Resource Teachers

Resource teachers are part of the student support services and support services of the Vocational Training and Adult Education Center. They accompany the student in their academic progress and in their academic and professional orientation as well as in finding solutions to the difficulties they encounter. They also provide the students with favorable learning conditions.

Social Work Technician

The social work technicians assist students who are challenged to effectively manage issues in the following areas: behavior, social adaptability, parenting, drug and alcohol, pregnancy, abortion, suicide ideation, absenteeism, eating disorders and other mental health concerns.

Career Counselling

ACCESS offer career counselling services with academic advisors as well as guidance counsellors to help students explore potential career paths that are in line with their interests and aptitudes. Our team of professionals will sit down with students to discuss their personal projects and point them in the right direction to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Counselling and Support Services (SARCA)

SARCA is a free and confidential service for all individuals, 16 years and older, who would like information on academic and career guidance.

Academic Advising

Academic advisor help students to clarify their academic goals. They advise and support students throughout their studies. Services that you can find: needs assessment, school records analysis, and provide information concerning academic and vocational programs. We also offer assessments of and referral to recognition of prior learning: Secondary Equivalency test (TENS) and General development test (GDT). Registration for high school diploma requirements, CEGEP prerequisites and vocational training programs.

16-24 Zone YMCA

The Zone 16-24 is a community base program from the YMCA for student in access between the age of 16 and 24. It is a meeting place where students can create projects, participate in fun activities, maximize their potential and develop their skills. We also have a free daily snacks, Foosball table, PlayStation, board games, free outings, free pizza event, music recording equipment, DJ turntable, sports night and many more.