Do you feel trapped in a non-valuing job and don't know which other profession would be best suited to your real aspirations? Do you want to finish your studies or redirect your career, but are discouraged at the thought of going back to school? Do you think it's too late for you?

We offer a full range of support services (SARCA) to help you achieve your professional goals. We can also review your academic profile and direct you towards a program that is in harmony with your expertise acquired from your professional experience. With us, you can achieve success.


Our consultants can help you choose the right program or guide you towards a new career. They can assist the adult in to discover his or her potential pathways. Getting information about pursuing your high school education in order to graduate can open the doors to a wide variety of post-secondary programs.


At ACCESS Centre, your needs remain our priority. Our experienced advisors will answer your questions about the resources available. If necessary, we can refer you to another service organization, depending on your needs.


PLAR allows mature students to obtain recognized credits from their previous experience and training. If you redirect your career and go back to school, PLAR can help you. Our advisors will determine if you are eligible for PLAR service.


Prior learning assessment is a powerful tool that allows clients to target their strengths, interests and skills acquired in school, work and life situations.

Any adult aged 16 or over, without a high school diploma or vocational diploma, is eligible for free SARCA support services. Our counsellors can help you, whether you are a student already enrolled in an adult education centre or living in the Riverside School Board. We are open all year round.

Call and schedule an appointment with an advisor if you wish:

  • Complete your high school education
  • Discover your career opportunities
  • Carry out a review of achievements
  • Discover your skills
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The Prior Learning Assessment process, identifies , documents, certifies and formalizes your skills and competencies. It targets the missing components of your education or training in order to accelerate or generate graduation.

  • Do you have a variety of training in your professional field?
  • Have you been involved in volunteer work?
  • Do you have several years of experience in a professional field?
  • Do you want to update your knowledge?
  • Are you taking on new responsibilities at work or in your community?