About Us

ACCESS is the Adult Education Centre of the Riverside School Board.

With 6 campuses located on Montreal’s South Shore, ACCESS has been a resource for the Riverside School Board community for over 40 years, empowering individuals who are 16 and older in their ongoing quest for academic and professional success. Whether you’re looking to earn your high school diploma, complete pre-requisites for post-secondary education, study a trade program, learn French or English or even looking to gain new skills to become more autonomous in your personal or professional life, ACCESS is here for you. At ACCESS we believe that every student that walks through our doors has a bright future waiting for them, and we are proud to help them discover just how brilliant they truly are.


We are committed to providing each student with opportunities and support on their journey to success and their engagement within the community.                             


We aim to empower adult learners through quality teaching practices in a bilingual environment.


Care, integrity, respect, collaboration and continuous improvement drive our commitment to excellence.

Continuing Education

To provide quality education services to an adult population in a secure and respectful environment, and help students cultivate commitment and accountability in order to succeed in their learning and career objectives.

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Vocational Training

To provide varied and competitive career options in a professional environment and help students acquire competencies that will facilitate immediate entry into the workforce.

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