Loans and bursaries

Loans and bursaries are offered through Aide financière aux études (AFE) from the Québec Ministry of Education for students who do not have sufficient financial resources to be pursue full time studies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have a Canadian citizenship or a permanent resident status; or you are a refugee; or a person protected under the immigration law of refugee protection
  • You are a full time student or are registered as one
  • You live in the province of Québec or you were when you asked for financial aid according to the rules and regulations of financial aid for students
  • You have not surpassed the limit number of months for study for which financial aid may be attributed
  • You have been admitted or you will be admitted to an educational institution recognized by the Ministry
  • You have not reached the debt limit set for your teaching order, your cycle of study or your curriculum
  • You do not have sufficient financial resources to continue your studies