How Can I Be a Student for a Day?

The “Student for a Day” activity provides an excellent opportunity to explore the various trades offered at our different centers. It’s also a chance to immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere that prevails at ACCESS. Are you interested in experiencing a day as a student? Feel free to get in touch with us at 450-676-1843, extension 7039, either to gather more information or to book an appointment.

What Documents Do I Need to Register?

The required documents may vary based on your place of birth (Québec, Canada, outside Québec, or outside Canada). To learn about the registration process and the specific documents you should bring, please visit our Information and Registration page.

Are the Programs Eligible for the Québec Loans and Bursaries Program?

The Québec Loans and Bursaries Program, administered through l’Aide financière aux études (AFE), enables Québec students to continue their studies even if they lack sufficient resources. To view the list of eligible programs for loans and bursaries, please refer to our dedicated Loans and Bursaries page.

Are the Programs Also Offered in French?

ACCESS takes pride in being part of the Riverside School Board for over 40 years. While our programs are primarily offered in English, they are thoughtfully designed for a bilingual population. This approach allows students to study in English while developing competencies to work effectively in a French-speaking environment.

Do You Assist Students in Finding Employment?

Absolutely! The Québec Public Service provides all our students with valuable working experience related to their field of study. Whether it’s a job opportunity or an internship, the Québec Public Service offers summer employment options and yearlong work experiences. For more details, please explore our dedicated Student Job Page!


Can I earn my high school degree while doing vocational training?

Yes! We offer students the opportunity to complete prerequisites while enrolled in a vocational training program. For more details, call us at 450-676-1843.

How do I register for a professional training program?

All registration is done online, please visit the Vocational Training section, select the program of your choice and click on register. Once your online application is completed with all the documents uploaded; an employee from the centre will communicate with you the following steps.

What are the costs of a vocational training program?

Costs vary based on the specific program. Contact us at 450-676-1843 to get an estimate tailored to your interests.

What prerequisites are needed to register for a vocational training program?

Each program has its own requirements. Explore our vocational training programs page to learn about prerequisites or call us at 450-676-1843.

How old must a student be to register for a vocational training program?

Students must be at least 16 years old by September 30th of the upcoming academic year. If you’re younger, bring a parent or tutor along.

Is there a placement test required for professional training programs?

No, there is no placement test.

Additional Information

Benefits of Vocational Training

Vocational education offers several advantages:

  • Practical Skills: Students focus on hands-on learning, acquiring competencies directly applicable to their chosen field.
  • Global Perspective: Interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds prepares students for a globalized world.
  • Career Readiness: Graduates are well-prepared to enter the job market immediately.
  • Contributions to Society: Vocational training contributes to technological development and socioeconomic growth.

Duration of Vocational Programs

Financial Aid


How Do I Register for Adult Education?

To register for adult education, follow these steps:

  1. Make an Appointment: Contact us directly to schedule an appointment.
  2. Visit Our Registration Page: Explore our registration page for detailed instructions.

What Are the Costs for Adult General Education Courses?

The cost structure varies based on the specific courses you choose. Here’s an overview:

  • Service Fee: $50.00 service fee (over 18 years of age). / $25.00 service fee (under 18 years of age).
  • Additional Fees: Other fees may apply, depending on your selected courses.

For comprehensive information, feel free to reach out to us at 450-676-1843. We’re here to assist you!

Age Requirement for Vocational Training Programs

To enroll in a vocational training (VT) program, students must be at least 16 years old by September 30th of the upcoming academic year. If you’re not yet 16 at the time of registration, you’ll need to be accompanied by a parent or a tutor.

Placement Tests for Adult Education

If required, placement tests are available. For details on placement test requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 450-676-1843.


How Do I Register for French or English Classes?

For language programs other than French Language (for which registration can only be done through the Francisation Quebec website), registration must be done in person, by appointment. Please visit our registration page, follow the step-by-step guidelines, and schedule an appointment.

How Much Do the French and English Classes Cost?

  • An activity fee of $60 is required to register for in-person English and/or Dialogue courses.
  • Online courses do not have any fees.
    • Payment options include cash, debit card, Visa, or Mastercard.
  • To register for the French course (Francization), you must register through Apprendre le français.

Are There Any Placement Tests Available for Registering in French Dialogue or English Classes?

Yes, there are placement tests. For more information, please call us at 450 443-6576, and we will be happy to assist you.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need additional assistance!



Ventures places emphasis on teaching students to develop practical skills, including maintaining healthy habits and problem-solving, while also fostering domestic and social skills. The goal of this 3-year program is to equip adult learners with the tools needed to become more autonomous in their daily lives.

Ventures Plus

Ventures Plus focuses on acquiring specific competencies in a semi-skilled trade and learning how to plan and organize a job search. The program empowers students to take charge of their learning, enabling them to update or develop skills necessary to face the challenges associated with new workplace realities.

What Will Students Learn in Ventures?

The following competencies are covered in the program:

  • Basic Math Skills
  • Basic English Skills
  • Basic French Skills
  • Basic Cognitive Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Psychomotor Skills
  • Day-to-day Management
  • Household Skills
  • Family Skills
  • Work Skills
  • Sex Education
  • Personal Care
  • Using Community Resources
  • Generalization of Learning

What Will Students Learn in Ventures Plus?

The following competencies are covered in the program:

  • Math Skills for the World of Work
  • Communication Skills for the World of Work
  • Accessing Services in the Community
  • Leisure and Personal Interests
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Exploring Training and Career Options
  • Rights and Responsibilities at Work
  • Choosing a Type of Work
  • Interactions in the Workplace
  • Time Management in the Workplace
  • Internship in the Workplace

How Do I Register?

If you are interested in the Ventures or Ventures Plus program, please contact Celeste Alberga, our Guidance Consellor, at calberga@rsb.qc.ca or call 450-672-4010 ext. 6867. A meeting will be scheduled with the student to evaluate their profile, visit the institution, and meet the different teachers. The student will also be invited to participate in a two-week trial session to determine if the program is a good fit for them. After this two-week period, the school team will guide the student through the registration process.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need additional assistance! 😊


General Development Test (GDT)

The General Development Test (GDT) was designed to assess the general skills necessary for successful evolution in vocational training. If you are 18 years of age or older and do not meet the prerequisites for admission to a vocational training program, the GDT is required to qualify for enrollment in your chosen program.

  • When: GDT is offered on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
  • Appointment: To schedule an exam appointment, please contact us:
    • Phone: 450-676-1843 ext. 7580
    • Email: tlaurent2@rsb.qc.ca

Secondary School Equivalency Test (TENS)

If you do not have a Secondary School Diploma, the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) offers you the opportunity to obtain a Secondary School Equivalency Certificate. This certificate allows you to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, competencies, and abilities you have acquired.

  • Eligibility: You must be 16 years of age, as of June 30th of the current year, to write this exam.
  • Cost: The TENS exam is free of charge!

To schedule an exam appointment for the TENS exam, please contact us:

  • Phone: 450-676-1843 ext. 7580
  • Email: tlaurent2@rsb.qc.ca

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to help! If you need further information or have additional inquiries, feel free to reach out:

  • Call Us: Dial 450-676-1843 for personalized assistance.
  • Email Us: Send your queries to iaccess@rsb.qc.ca.
  • Connect with Us: Find us on Facebook or Instagram at ACCESS Adult Continuing Education.

Your pursuit of knowledge matters to us, and we’re committed to supporting your educational journey. 🌟