Community Services

Emploi Québec

Emploi-Québec's mission is to enhance employment, workforce development, and combat unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty in Québec. It oversees public employment services and social solidarity services. Explore the new and improved Québec employment website at🌟

Local Employment Centre

Local Employment Centre (CLE in french): These centers offer valuable resources and services to two key groups:

1. Job Seekers: If you're looking for employment or require last resort assistance, CLEs provide guidance, job search support, and relevant resources.

2. Employers: CLEs assist employers with job openings by addressing questions related to the labor force and skills development.

Explore your nearest CLE for personalized assistance! 🌟

Espace Pivot

Espace Pivot is an organization that offers quality professional services to clients, aiding them in entering or re-entering the labor market to enhance their quality of life. They provide the following services:

1. Job Search Assistance: Whether you're a young person aged 16 to 35 or someone facing job search challenges, Espace Pivot supports you in finding employment opportunities.

2. Educational and Vocational Counseling: Expert counselors guide you through educational and career decisions, ensuring you make informed choices.

3. Entrepreneurship Awareness Services: For aspiring entrepreneurs, Espace Pivot offers valuable insights and resources to foster business awareness.

For more details, visit 🌟

CISSS Champlain-Charles Lemoyne

CISSS Champlain-Charles Lemoyne provides quality health and social services to the population within their territory, working collaboratively with local partners. 🌟

CLSC Samuel de Champlain

CLSC Samuel-de-Champlain's mission is to offer essential health and social services to the population within their jurisdiction. They provide preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and reintegration services, along with public health initiatives. 🌟

For more information, visit the CLSC Samuel-de-Champlain website 🌐

ARC (Assistance and Referral Centre)

At ARC (Assistance and Referral Centre) they address the health and social service needs of the Montérégie English-speaking community through the following initiatives:

1. Connecting the Community: They link community members to essential health and social services information and resources.

2. Health Promotion Programs: ARC develops and offers programs and activities that promote well-being and preventive health measures.

3. Collaboration for Improved Access: They work closely with public and community partners to enhance access to vital services.

For more details, visit the ARC website at 🌟


211 is Canada’s primary source of information for government and community-based, non-clinical health and social services. The free and confidential service can be accessed 24 hours a day, in more than 150 languages.

211 is available by phone, chat, website, and text in different regions – dial 2-1-1 to connect to community services.
--You do not have to give your name or personal details to ask for information.

For more details, visit the 211 website at 🌐

Our Harbour

Our Harbour operates a compassionate and cost-effective long-term housing program on Montreal’s South Shore, specifically designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are living with mental illness. Their services include:

1. Life-Management Support: They provide essential assistance to help residents manage their daily lives effectively.
2. Community Links: Their program connects individuals with local resources and services available in the surrounding community.
3. Integration Assistance: They offer personalized support to help residents integrate into society at large.
4. Community Education: Our efforts extend beyond our residents; we also educate the wider community about mental illness.

For more information, visit Our Harbour's website at 🌟

The Centre de réadaptation en dépendance (CRD)

CRD: As a public rehabilitation center within the health and social services network, they specialize in providing rehabilitation and social reintegration services to Québec's English-speaking population. Their focus areas include addiction-related challenges related to:
- Alcohol
- Drugs (including prescription medication)
- Gambling and compulsive buying
- Problematic Internet use

For more information, visit the CRD website 🌟.


Portage: As a Canadian non-profit organization, they assist individuals facing substance abuse-related challenges in overcoming their dependencies. Their mission is to empower individuals to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. 🌟

L'Accès Crisis Centre

The Access Crisis Centre offers crisis assistance services by a team of specialized mental health workers.

You can contact us at 450 679-8689
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our services are free of charge.
No interventions are made by email.

Services offered free of charge:
-Telephone intervention 24 hours a day, seven days a week
-Assessment and Referral
-Crisis follow-up
-Suicide Prevention Hotline and Referral

Our services are offered to adults in the following cities:
Brossard, Longueuil, Boucherville, Varennes, Verchères, Saint-Hubert, Calixa-Lavallée, Contrecoeur, Saint-Amable, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Bruno, Saint-Lambert, LeMoyne and Greenfield Park.

Carrefour le Moutier

Carrefour le Moutier is are a community organization dedicated to fostering personal development, preventing psychological distress, and promoting social inclusion. 🌟

LEARN Québec

LEARN Québec is an innovative driving force for the English-speaking educational community of Québec. Their mission is to bring together the expertise and efforts of educators, students, parents, and partners to cultivate success for all learners.

Explore their comprehensive portal for educational resources, tutoring, and professional support tailored to Québec's educational landscape at LEARN Québec's website 🌟

Seaway Community Learning Centre

Certainly! Here's a concise description of **The Seaway CLC**:The Seaway CLC serves as a catalyst for community groups to convene and collaborate, ensuring that the well-being and vitality of the South Shore community are consistently supported and continue to flourish. 🌟

The South Shore Reading Council

The South Shore Reading Council is a non-profit volunteer literacy organization situated in Longueuil-Greenfield Park on Montreal's South Shore. Their mission revolves around eradicating illiteracy. To achieve this, they tailor their programs to meet the unique needs of each student. Explore their services to enhance your reading skills and foster a love for learning. 🌟

Ministère de l'Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion

MIDI promotes diversity and inclusion of the immigrant population while aiding in their development and integration into Québec society.

Service et Formation aux Immigrants en Montérégie

SFIM's mission is to promote social integration and maintain employment for the Immigrant population of the South Shore.

Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud

MIRS welcomes newly arrived immigrants to the South Shore, aiding them in their integration into Québec society.

Sino Québec

Sino Québec offers services and programs promoting the well-being and integration of the Chinese and Asian community of the South Shore.

Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond is money that the Government of Canada deposits into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help you save for a child's education after high school.