High School and Prerequisite Courses

High School Courses

ACCESS Continuing Education offers all of its students the opportunity to achieve academic success by tailoring schedules, services and course selections to meet their academic goals.

Registration appointments for the Fall 2024 semester are now available! Book your appointment today! For a full list of required registration documents based on your status in Canada, click here.

Whether you are looking for

ACCESS Continuing Education is there to help you meet your objectives. Students must be 16 years and older as of June 30th in order to register.

  • A high school diploma
  • College prerequisites
  • Prerequisites to a vocational program
  • Access to vocational programs through the General Development Test
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Courses offered in adult education

Science & Technology
Multimedia Art
+ Optional Courses

We also offer special services, such as Concurrent studies program and Distance Education. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL US AT 450 676-1843.