Join us to learn the skills needed to work in a semi-skilled trade
and/or to land a part time job!

The Training for a Semiskilled Trade service is about giving you the opportunity to practice the semiskilled trade that you want a job in. The majority of this course takes place in the workplace. As such you will gain invaluable skills and make important connections.

This program is meant for you if...
You want experience in a semiskilled trade while at the same time preparing for the skilled trade you want to work in!

Location of program: 163 Rue Cleghorn, St. Lambert, QC
Cost of program: $75
Length of program: 1 semester, 450 hours.
Pre-requisites: Secondary II English Language Arts, Mathematics and French.
(if you do not have the pre-requisites, you can take them while in the program.)

Upon completion of this program you will receive a Training Certificate in a Semiskilled Trade from the Ministry of Education.
This certificate will allow you to access skilled trades programs that require secondary 3.

For a full list of SemiSkilled Trades, click here.

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