At ACCESS, students will learn to improve their English language skills through a diverse and creative pedagogical approach in an immersion setting that will allow them to learn about the culture as well as perfect their academic skills.

The students will develop their language skill through academic classes, conversation periods, cultural activities, entertainment and field trips in Québec and in Ontario.

With the help of qualified teachers and energetic animators, the students will thrive through our program and will be able to communicate in English by the end of their stay at ACCESS.

Students between the age of 16 and 28(must be 16 years old as of  January 1st of the current year). They must be active individuals able to follow an academic program combined with daily activities. Students will be accepted after the screening process.

The program is offered for 4 weeks or 20 school days* July 20 to August 14, 2015; for more information contact us by phone 450-443-6576 or via email at info.access@rsb.qc.ca. Space is limited and there is a minimum of registrations required. Ideally, the students should arrive on the Saturday previous to the start of classes 

*The program can also be offered on a weekly basis.